Building an audience before building a product, Time blocking, You're the sum of the people you spend time with

March 2022

Ideas vs execution, Robinhood's business model and interning at Venmo when they were 4 employees
Product Market fit or not Product Market fit, talking to therapist

February 2022

How Sam grew EasyLlama to 4,000 customers in 2 years and on raising money vs bootstrapping
How Caroline grew Arcade to 750 customers

May 2021

Also how to send your Newsletters to your Kindle

March 2021

Learnings from Notion's CEO and Roam Highlighters / Trov

December 2020

Chatting with Ashutosh from Sunsama

November 2020

Covid vaccine, frameworks for hiring and Théo from Multis

October 2020

Learnings from Rahul Vohra and Joel Spolsky and Vimcal
Hire Marines, the cons of startup storytelling and a new podcast app: Airr

September 2020

Should you go wide or deep?, Paul Graham and Brian Chesky, and why I love my Kindle.